America Deserves Better Coffee

La Colombe Coffee Roasters

900 6th St NW

Washington, DC 20001


It’s not every Saturday that the nation’s capital is free of humidity, sunny, and 75 degrees farenheit. But today is a special Saturday, and what better way to spend the afternoon than to have an iced beverage at a café in the center of the city?

In the heart of Mount Vernon Triangle sits a hip little coffee shop called La Colombe. You may be thinking, “That sounds familiar” or “I think I’ve been there before.” And chances are, it does and you have. After all, there are 5 different locations around Washington, DC and cafes in multiple American cities, including LA, Chicago, New York, Boston, and Philadelphia-where it all started. I cannot speak to every La Colombe in every city, or even every La Colombe in this city, but I can tell you that the La Colombe on 900 6th St NW is pretty rad.

Saturday at 1:00 PM is usually a prime time for the DC coffee shop industry, so I was pleasantly surprised to find a few open tables inviting me to grab a seat. I wasn’t sure why the café was so empty, and came to the conclusion that a) Most customers wanted to spend their Saturday outside and got their coffee to go or b) People decided to spend their Saturday at one of the other neighborhood La Colombes. Selfishly, I was glad La Colombe wasn’t too crowded because I was able to order quickly and get a comfortable seat. Sometimes you just need your own space, you know?

La Colombe serves some of its coffee on tap, and, intrigued by the concept, I ordered a “draft iced latte,” which was probably the most refreshing beverage I could have enjoyed. And enjoy it I did.

As I drank my latte, I looked around the café decorated with horticulture and culture. Flowers and plants dressed the counters, and were able to stay alive with the help of natural sunlight shining down from three ceiling windows. The exposed and imperfect brick walls and alternative rock music playing gave La Colombe a distinct character.

The La Colombe brand was founded on a single premise: “America Deserves Better Coffee.” And the company has certainly succeeded in fulfilling that mission. La Colombe roasts and serves delicious coffee in cities across the country, and Americans just keep coming back for more.

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