The Neighborhood Hot Spot

ThreeFifty Bakery and Coffee Bar

1926 17th St NW

Washington, DC 20009


You don’t have to be a coffee contassur to appreciate ThreeFifty Bakery and Coffee Bar. This charming neighborhood coffee shop is equidistant to the bars and restaurants around U Street Corridor and the Adams Morgan 18th street strip, and just far enough from all the noise. In fact, it so tucked away among the row houses and residential apartments on 17th street that I almost walked right by. But it’s a good thing I didn’t.

Let me begin by setting the scene here at ThreeFifty. It’s a scene that seems to have come right out of a movie, a scene that is so fixed in its perfection it seems unfit for reality. And yet, here I am.

I walk in to a quaint but crowded cafe. There is one person in line: a police officer who is still deciding on his order. “You can go ahead,” He tells me, still contemplating his choice of food and drink as if a decision that will determine the series of future events. However, I empathize with this man once I approach the display case and realize just how many options there are. I consider myself a total foodie when it comes to savory meals-I’d choose a cheese platter over a box of chocolates any day (future valentines, take note). So I was struck in particular by the variety of quiches on display. Unfortunately, I decided to give up cheese for Lent this year because apparently I like to torture myself, so I just ordered a Cappuccino.

ThreeFifty brews their coffee using Illy roast, which has yet to let me down in its deliciousness. I take a seat at an empty stool by the window, a prime location for people-watching. The girl next to me is enjoying tea and banana bread as she looks at her calendar to plan the week ahead. A woman and a young boy I assume is her grandson sit at a table behind me and enjoy a late breakfast together. Neighbors pass the cafe riding bikes and skateboards, walking dogs, and greeting familiar faces. Like I said, the scene is almost too perfect. And as if ThreeFifty wasn’t already charming enough, there is some Joni Mitchell style music playing in the background. I don’t ever want to leave this place.

But eventually, I have to. Underneath a poster for the iconic Women’s March on Washington is a note that says, “Please limit Wifi use to 1 hour to allow other customers seating.” And I get that. I’m sure there are plenty of other patrons just like me looking for a peaceful place to sit down and enjoy a beverage and pastry. So with that, I take off to continue my Sunday adventures. But when Lent is over, I’ll be back at ThreeFifty Bakery and Coffee Bar to try that quiche if it’s the last thing I do!

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