Small Batch, Big Flavor

Zeke’s Coffee DC

2300 Rhode Island Ave NE

Washington, DC 20003


One of my favorite things about having a coffee blog is that it challenges me to venture into neighborhoods I wouldn’t otherwise. Take Zeke’s Coffee of DC, located in the heart of Woodridge. Where’s that, you ask? Don’t be embarrassed…I didn’t know either. I took the B2 bus toward Mt. Rainer, got off at the corner of Eastern Ave NE and Rhode Island Ave NE, and walked south past small businesses and small houses before I reached Zeke’s. And it was certainly worth the trip.

Disclaimer: I’ve had Zeke’s Coffee many times. There’s a good chance you have too. Zeke’s is sold at farmers markets and stores all across the DMV area, from the likes of Bullfrog Bagels to Dacha Beer garden. Needless to say, I knew Zeke’s coffee was delicious. But I didn’t feel I could write an accurate review without spending a few hours at the Zeke’s DC roastery.

Zeke’s calls itself a small batch roaster, which simply means it roasts coffee in small batches. To put this into perspective, the Zeke’s roaster holds 12 pounds of coffee, whereas most other roasters hold close to 120. This technique guarantees freshness and flavor. According to Zeke’s website, “You can taste the difference.” And I for one can certainly attest to that.

When I arrived at Zeke’s, I was greeted right away by a friendly barista. I’d been sweating from the humidity, so naturally I ordered a cold brew coffee. As I was waiting for my coffee, I observed Zeke’s staff working hard to roast batches of coffee using machines I couldn’t identify. Due to the amount of coffee Americans consume on a daily basis, it is often easy to forget where each cup of coffee comes from, where it was roasted, how it was made. But at Zeke’s, it’s impossible to ignore the roasting process because it happens right in front of you. Zeke’s isn’t simply a barista behind a counter. It’s an entire coffee production company. And once you step in the door, you become part of the process.

Zeke’s is the epitome of neighborhood coffee shop. It’s not trendy, or hip, or try-hard. Instead, it’s a clean and welcoming place that strives to provide customers with good service and great coffee.

It’s places like Zeke’s that remind me why I started my blog. Every DC coffee shop tells a story. As customers, we only truly comprehend these stories once we sit down and experience them for ourselves. I’ve told you my interpretation of Zekes’ story; now it’s time for you to tell yours.

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