About Me


My name is Tara Lerman, and I am an addict. A coffee addict, that is.

Before you judge me too hard, let me explain. I love the way coffee tastes. And I love how it energizes me every morning. But I also appreciate the community it builds and the environment it creates-a community of sharing and communicating.  My favorite part about coffee is not the sharp wake-up call of an espresso shot in the morning or the different tastes of roasts from all around the world. My favorite part about coffee is the way it brings people together, strangers and friends alike. I hope this blog captures the true, unfiltered (no pun intended) coffee experience at cafes across the nation’s capital and perhaps inspires some of you to create a unique coffee experience for yourselves.

When I am not drinking coffee or writing about it, I am a Digital Engagement Specialist at a government communications firm, and I enjoy traveling, live music, and nerding out at museums on the side.

I hope you enjoy reading The Roast Review, and thanks for stopping by!